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  • Treatment Approach

    Mind CloudED-180 programs are evidence-based and utilize cutting-edge technology, unique program designs and unsurpassed facilities.  ED-180 offers medically-supervised programs and is staffed with experienced specialists who provided compassionate care with close monitoring for medical stability. An eating disorder is first and foremost a medical/psychiatric condition and any safe and serious treatment approach begins with medical supervision and the management of a coordinated team effort toward patient recovery.

    While Dr. DeSarbo will oversee all aspects of treatment including the medical, psychological and nutritional aspects of treatment, an ED-180 program has its genesis in the neuroscience of eating disorders, a specific interest that Dr. DeSarbo long has had as a physician. Aside from the observable behaviors and the insight obtained from psychotherapy, Dr. DeSarbo and his team are always incorporating the brain’s workings when helping patients find recovery.

    TherapistPadAn ED-180 program can be custom tailored and treatment plans are modified to best match the patient’s needs for recovery. Therapists provide and integrate a variety of psychotherapy styles including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), family based therapy (FBT), motivational therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and existential therapy. Additionally, on-site biofeedback and mindfulness training is offered to complement all the modalities utilized.

    Treatment plans are created to provide a balance of emotional support and enhanced coping skills while challenging patients to overcome their obstacles and fight through the toughest of times, even when they feel like giving up. Frequent treatment plan evaluations are assessed to monitor progress and recommendations for treatment plan changes are discussed with a patient’s individual therapist.

    As a psychiatrist, Dr. DeSarbo is also regularly evaluating patients for the appropriateness of medications should the need arise to address any co-occuring disorders that may interfere with the recovery process and may also consult with a patients outside physician for continuity of care.

    In response to COVID-19 Please Note: Dr. DeSarbo and the ED-180 staff will be working remotely through the use of telemedicine until it is safe for patients and staff. While you may leave a message on the office phone, we prefer it if you can communicate through our office email DeSarbo312@gmail.com for appointments, refills, and other messages. Thank you and please be safe.