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  • The Fear of Judgement

    Posted on September 30, 2015 by

    Most people do not like the feeling of being judged, criticized and compared. With eating disorders, this fear of being judged is one of the primary motivating factors that can precipitate and perpetuate and eating.  Fears of not feeling “good enough” can lead to self-isolating behaviors with an avoidance of friends, family, the workplace and other social events. A strong fear of judgment and comparison about body image will similarly lead to self-isolation. The fear of judgement furthermore seems to be exacerbated during the acute coarse of the illness and when eating disorder symptoms are at their highest. Innocent and well-meaning comments from parents, spouses, family members and friends can often be interpreted as judgement and disappointment. What is important here is to note that when someone is dealing with an eating disorder, there exists a hypersensitivity to comments and body language that can have the individual perceiving judgement and criticism wether it is there or not. At times it can feel as if everyone is “walking-on-eggshells,” worried about what and how they converse with a loved one who struggles. Patients and families who both understand this concept can work on an openness of communication in an effort to lessen the feelings of judgement during the treatment and recovery process. In nearly all cases of recovery, the fears and levels of sensitivity about judgement decrease to more tolerable and realistic levels.

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