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  • The “180” in ED-180

    Posted on October 8, 2015 by

    When developing the ED-180 programs, some careful thought went into naming the programs ED-180. There is the obvious meaning of ED-180; that the purpose of the programs are to turn around the eating disorder, or do a 180. However, the primary reason for the 180 in the name is based in basic neurobiology. For most changes in behavior to take place and remain intact, it generally takes the brain about 180 days to form new neuropathways with training and repetition. Furthermore, it is a guiding principle with ED-180 and staff that if there is no significant change in a patient’s condition in a 180 day period, then the treatment plan must be closely scrutinized and likely change in a major way. Patient’s who remain in any treatment for 180 days or more, without any significant progress with their condition (this does not necessarily mean total remission or recovery), are likely not receiving the best treatment modality for their care and wellbeing. Of course there are exceptions to this general rule, but anticipating some meaningful change within 180 days is not unreasonable. So the “180” in ED-180 is a reminder to remain cognizant of the neurobiological factors present with eating disorders and related conditions while helping patients do a 180 with their eating disorder.

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