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  • Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders



    Dr. Jeffrey DeSarbo and ED-180 Eating Disorder Treatment Programs host a complimentary annual conference on eating disorders each year at a Long Island university . The Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders is the largest eating disorder conference ever held on Long Island and largest FREE conference for the public and professionals in the country drawing close to 400 attendees from Long Island and the greater N.Y. area.

    DSCN2384National experts from throughout the country present on topics including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, compulsive exercise and related conditions.  Presentations on eating disorders include the biological and medical aspects of treatment, the nutritional aspects of the disorders, the psychological impact on the patient and family, the latest research on eating disorders studies, how to find treatment and what to expect in recovery.

    “Long Island, New York is one of the primary regions in the U.S. where eating disorders have the highest prevalence, “ says Dr. Jeffrey DeSarbo, a board certified psychiatrist and the medical director of conference host ED-180. “We host this conference because there is a great demand for information about eating disorders and treatment from patients and families and we’re brining into Long Island some of the best physicians and clinicians in the country.”

    DSCN2361In order to deliver this strong line-up of presenters to an audience at no charge, ED-180 has been able to enlist the sponsorship from many of the country’s best treatment centers including the Oliver-Pyatt Center in Florida, UMC Princeton in New Jersey, Avalon Hills in Utah, Timberline Knolls in Illinois, The Eating Recovery Center in Denver, Center for Discovery in Connecticut, Mote Nido in New York and California, Cambridge Eating Disorder Center in Massachusetts, Sierra-Tucson in Arizona, and Roger’s Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin who are on-site in the exhibit area to assists attendees by offering support and guidance.

    In addition to lectures presented by some the country’s leading experts in eating disorder treatment, presentations are also made by patients and families in recovery which provide support and offer hope for recovery.

    Since the conference is free and full capacity is always anticipated, those who wish to attend are encouraged to register on-line to reserve a seat. And while the conference itself is free, donations to Project HEAL, a non-profit organization created by recovered girls from Long Island who had suffered from an eating disorder, will be accepted at the event as well.

    Clinicians, individuals who suffer from an eating disorder, their families and loved ones are invited to resister for this free conference online at www.EatingDisorderConference.com.

    In response to COVID-19 Please Note: Dr. DeSarbo and the ED-180 staff will be working remotely through the use of telemedicine until it is safe for patients and staff. While you may leave a message on the office phone, we prefer it if you can communicate through our office email DeSarbo312@gmail.com for appointments, refills, and other messages. Thank you and please be safe.