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  • ED-180 Program Policies


    DSCN0035Any patient interested in participating in any of the ED-180 programs must have an Intake Evaluation conducted by one of our clinicians. The purpose of the intake is to gather information about a prospective patient’s current eating disorder, psychological and medical conditions. Collateral information from a patient’s private treatment providers is often helpful and necessary. Patients are also assessed for appropriateness for the programs, level of motivation for treatment, and initial treatment planning. Some initial intakes may be conducted over the telephone but most patients require an on-site evaluation for acceptance into a program. A small fee is required at the time of the intake which is refunded if a patient does not meet criteria for acceptance into a program.

    Patient Arrivals

    For new patients, please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled appointment/program time to complete any paperwork that may be required. Please go to the Intake Forms section on this website and print out the appropriate form to fill out and bring to your first appointment. Also be sure to print out and bring this formed signed by you as well.

    Patients in an ED-180 program are asked to arrived a few minutes before program start in order to avoid interruption of any therapeutic processes.

    Attendance and Cancellations

    Program attendance and completion is crucial for treatment success for the patient and the group as a whole. Fees for a program are for the time commitment agreed upon. Missed hours or days do not carry-over or receive credit. Treatment must remain the primary focus for recovery and all other commitments must be scheduled around program.

    Payment for Programs

    A minimum commitment to an ED-180 program is 4 to 6 weeks in most situations. Full-payment is due prior to the start of a program commitment and billing is only allowed for commitments of greater than 4 weeks. Patients who withdraw from a program due to the need for referral to a higher level-of-care are entitled to a pro-rated refund of the daily fee plus a chart opening/closing fee. Payment may be made by check, cash, or credit card. A $20 fee for all returned checks will be charged.

    Telephone Calls

    Dr. DeSarbo may be reached most days of the week through his office telephone number. For urgent matters, patients may also call Dr. DeSarbo’s cell phone number. For emergencies, patients should always call 911. Due to Dr. DeSarbo’s daily schedule, most telephone calls will usually be returned after office hours in the evening. Dr. DeSarbo will always try to return calls within 24 hours, however, if you do not here back within 24 hours please call again. Due to the significant number of calls received each day, please reserve therapy issues and other non-urgent matters for discussion at your next scheduled visit.

    Requested Reports and Forms

    Certain reports and letters that are a part of the ED-180 standard care (i.e. updates for outside treatment providers, discharge summery, ect.) are included as a part of the program fees. Any reports, forms or other paperwork that must be generated or completed and is requested by the patient or a third party on the patient’s behalf are subject to a charge of $350/hr (minimum charge $50). The patient is responsible for the fees due for any requested materials (third parties will not be billed).

    Medical Prescriptions

    Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled to ensure that you do not run out of medications prematurely between appointment times. However, if you miss a scheduled appointment time and this requires a telephone prescription to be phoned in or mailed to your pharmacy, a $20 fee will be applied to your next visit. Renewals for controlled substances MUST be picked-up at the office and will not be mailed.

    Insurance Billing

    ED-180 fees are due prior to the start of a program. ED-180 is not a provider for private insurance companies and does not accept insurance. However, our office will complete and provide the necessary insurance forms/bill for you to submit to your insurance provider for direct reimbursement to you on a monthly basis if requested. In certain instances, individual out-of-network agreements with certain insurance companies may be allowed, however, patients are responsible for any fees the insurance company refuses to pay. Please note that many patients prefer the privacy of psychiatric care and when insurance reimbursement is sought, the insurance company has the right to a patient’s medical/psychiatric care.

    In response to COVID-19 Please Note: Dr. DeSarbo and the ED-180 staff will be working remotely through the use of telemedicine until it is safe for patients and staff. While you may leave a message on the office phone, we prefer it if you can communicate through our office email DeSarbo312@gmail.com for appointments, refills, and other messages. Thank you and please be safe.