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    Dr. Jeffrey DeSarbo

    An ED-180 program is a medical/nutritional/psychological program developed by Jeffrey DeSarbo, D.O., a Board Certified psychiatrist and renowned eating disorder specialist in the treatment of eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder (BED) and related conditions. Dr. DeSarbo and his team is situated in a specially designed facility with program rooms for dining, group therapy, individual therapy, yoga class, self-appreciation courses, special activities, creative arts and medical care that are all integrated for an optimal treatment program. Full and part-time practitioners who are under the supervision of Dr. DeSarbo and who have offices at the center are all highly qualified and experienced healthcare providers who make a unique contribution and commitment to the program. The program’s ambience is distinctively soothing and represents the elements of water with waterfalls and fish tanks, earth with an abundance of plants, granite and wood finishes, aroma therapy, and fire represented in original contemporary artwork.

    An ED-180 program can be custom tailored to each individual client. Clients without current treatment may come to the program for an intake evaluation by a senior staff member. A full history will be obtained and presented at our intake meetings where a treatment plan is created and a determination is made for appropriateness for the program and determination of whether a morning, afternoon, evening or full day program best suites the needs of the client.

    DSCN0008Our treatment approach is to provide clients with comprehensive care for all medical, psychological and nutritional needs while a part of any program. As a part of an ED-180 program, clients will have their base treatment team in place including a  primary and group therapists, a nutritionist and a physician/psychiatrist. Custom tailoring of a program may include therapy and counseling from specialists with body-image work and fitness conditioning and/or may include groups, courses and services such as those listed in the Groups and Courses section.

    Clients may be referred to the ED-180 program by a current treatment provider who feels a specialized or more intensive level of care is required for effective treatment. An ED-180 program may also be beneficial to augment their current outpatient care. An example of this would be a client who is doing fairly well with their outpatient team but requires components of the program such as supervised meals. Outside clinicians who refer to the program can be provided with electronic, weekly updates on patient progress. Outside clinicians who regularly attend ED-180 seminar trainings have additional privileges with the program to ensure better coordinated care while in treatment and after discharge.

    The ED-180 Program will utilize a state-of-the-art computerized network for the treatment program which healthcare team members can access to coordinate care and report on progress. This process allows all treatment team members to communicate and have fast access to client information including the treatment plan and treatment goals, psychological reports, medical information, client program schedule, healthcare team contacts, and up-to-date status reports. This system will allow health team members to also update (with permission) families, the outpatient providers and future providers if required.

    Upon completion of the program, new clients may choose to remain working with ED-180 treatment health members or may be referred to other outside treatment providers. It is our policy that clients referred to our program by a treating clinician are required to return to their referring clinician (for a minimum period of 60 days) unless otherwise directed and discharged by that referring clinician.

    In response to COVID-19 Please Note: Dr. DeSarbo and the ED-180 staff will be working remotely through the use of telemedicine until it is safe for patients and staff. While you may leave a message on the office phone, we prefer it if you can communicate through our office email DeSarbo312@gmail.com for appointments, refills, and other messages. Thank you and please be safe.