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    2018 LI Conference on EDs moved to Fall.

    Please note that the 2018 Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders will be moved to the fall of 2018. Conference date and location still to be determined. We continue to appreciate all those who have supported and attended out events for the past 5 years and are planning a new schedule and approacREAD MORE...


    Glen Cove resists Long Island’s 1st Adult Residential ED facility.

    While Long Island continues to struggle with a shortage of quality resources for eating disorder treatment, Monte Nido has been making plans to open the first adult residential treatment center in Glen Cove, N.Y. Currently, as may be expected, Monte Nido is facing opposition from local residents whREAD MORE...


    2017 Long Island Eating Disorder Conference

    Save the date and register today for the 5th annual Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island, NY. The 2017 conference is once again Hosted by ED-180 Treatment Programs and will again be a FREE event to those who register onREAD MORE...


    The Rehabilitation Model of ED Treatment

    Unlike other conditions in the mental health field, eating disorder treatment involve more of a process of rehabilitation than the direct treatment of mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, or schizophrenia. When deciding treatment for the majority of mental health diREAD MORE...


    The Difficulty of Taking a Hard Stance

    Many patients who suffer with an eating disorder have to follow some strict rules, guidelines, and boundaries in order to find a path towards recovery. At times, the rules that need to be set in place can cause great stress and emotional pain to the individual who is already stressed and in pain froREAD MORE...


    ED-180 Nominated “Best of Long Island!”

      We were pleased to find out yesterday that ED-180 Eating Disorder Treatment Programs was nominated as one of the "Best of Long Island" by Long Island Press newspaper. Thank you all the ED-180 staff, to all our patients and to their families for all the support that has been given throuREAD MORE...


    Don’t tell me I look good!

    Most individuals with an eating disorder are more than dissatisfied with their appearance when they look in a mirror. Regardless if they suffer from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge-eating disorder, and regardless if they are truly underweight, normal weight, or overweight, it is common tREAD MORE...


    Doing it for Yourself.

    For recovery, one must ultimately be willing to go through treatment because they want it for themselves. This doesn't mean that loved ones should not be supporting treatment, encouraging treatment, and at times even demanding treatment. But for true recovery, it will be necessary at some point duriREAD MORE...


    ED and the Thanksgiving Experience

    For those who suffer with an eating disorder, Thanksgiving can be one of the more difficult holidays to participate in with family and loved ones. This is a classic example of what an ED does to a person's life: it prevents one from participating in life. A holiday such as Thanksgiving is meant to bREAD MORE...


    Body Image and 3-D Movies

    One of the most challenging aspects of an eating disorder can be the perceptual experiences one has as it relates to body image and the internalized feelings associated with their perceptions (see body-dysmorphia page on this site). While not everybody with an eating disorder also reports body imaREAD MORE...

    In response to COVID-19 Please Note: Dr. DeSarbo and the ED-180 staff will be working remotely through the use of telemedicine until it is safe for patients and staff. While you may leave a message on the office phone, we prefer it if you can communicate through our office email DeSarbo312@gmail.com for appointments, refills, and other messages. Thank you and please be safe.